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Brandon Kerkstra“We are hands-on consultants who work along side our clients to teach them the best ways to approach quality and project management processes – using their everyday work as examples to study."

Brandon Kerkstra - President

Since 1999, Management Solutions Group Inc. has helped hundreds of companies to ready themselves for ISO 9000 and other certifications with programs that can be implemented practically and sustained readily for future audits and improvements. MSG prides itself on its hands-on approach to designing and implementing quality programs that can add value for companies serving the manufacturing, medical device, environmental management, information security, aerospace and telecommunications industries.

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, MSG helps small- and medium-sized companies to navigate the narrow straits of implementing and maintaining programs that satisfy the registrars’ requirements for certification and allow companies to meet those requirements with limited resources.

With a combined experience of more than 60 years in quality and project management, MSG President Brandon Kerkstra and his team of seasoned consultants understand clearly the essentials of the registration process because they have conducted audits for some of the world’s largest registrars.

S052 - Section Design and development changes – supplemental

  Evaluate all design changes after initial product approval, including organization or supplier proposed

bullet green arrow 25
Fit, form, function, performance, and/or durability

bullet green arrow 25validated against customer requirements and approved internally, prior to implementation

bullet green arrow 25obtain documented approval, or documented waiver

bullet green arrow 25Embedded software – document rev level of software and hardware as part of change record

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S051 - Section Manufacturing process design output

  Outputs Include:

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specifications and drawings;

bullet green arrow 25special characteristics for product and manufacturing process;

bullet green arrow 25identification of process input variables that impact characteristics;

bullet green arrow 25tooling and equipment for production and control, including capability studies of equipment

bullet green arrow 25and process(es);

bullet green arrow 25manufacturing process flow charts/layout, including linkage of product, process, and tooling;

bullet green arrow 25Capacity analysis;

bullet green arrow 25manufacturing process FMEA;

bullet green arrow 25maintenance plans and instructions;

bullet green arrow 25control plan (see Annex A);

bullet green arrow 25standard work and work instructions;

bullet green arrow 25process approval acceptance criteria;

bullet green arrow 25data for quality, reliability, maintainability, and measurability;

bullet green arrow 25results of error-proofing identification and verification, as appropriate;

bullet green arrow 25methods of rapid detection, feedback, and correction of product/manufacturing process

bullet green arrow 25nonconformities.

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"You did a FANTASTIC job in showing us and helping us prepare."

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We review your requirements, then give you a menu of options to meet your budget and schedule.  MSG helps you determine:
  • Goals and objectives
  • Which certifications or standards are applicable
  • What individuals should be involved to tailor your training
  • A time schedule
  • Resources necessary to ensure a successful program launch